Yes this is terribly geeky. But, I  need to stay on an interior design track. I just don’t feel like our living room is finished at all. I keep changing my mind on how I want it to look; I flit from wanting it super retro to ultra modern to Indian inspired to minimal to cluttered charity shop-esque. I want the lounge to feel homely and cosy, but functional for us as a family too. I’ve been collecting images for several months now, and this is what my look book lounge is starting to look like.


Blue Pendant Light – From Project Decor.

Dream Big Screen Print – From Yoke.

I love my Family Print – From Beauchamping.

Vintage Wall Hanging – From Fine Little Day.

Kill Your TV Manifesto Poster – From Willow & Stone.

Keep Off The Grass Vintage Sign – From Ethan Ollie.

Orange Armchair – From Thrive Furniture.

Turquoise Mid Century Arm chair – From Thrive Furniture.

Not Knot Cushion – From Reykyavik Corner Store

Hitch Marigold Stool – From Crate & Barrel

Elliot Red Floor Lamp – From John Lewis.

Teal Sofa – From Thrive Furniture.

B&W Cushions – From Fine Little Day.

Nos Da Blanket – From Donna Wilson.

Mint Tea Trolley Block Table – From Normann Copenhagen.

Porcelain Deer – From  a selection at Etsy.

Papaja Yellow Plant Pot – From Ikea

Kartell Jolly Side Table – From Graham and Green.

Mid Century Teak Coffee Table – From Thrive Furniture.

Apple Papple Mug – From Fine LIttle Day.

Vintage Wire Storage Basket – From  a selection at Etsy.

Kattrup Woven Rug – From Ikea.

Redsmith Gold Dining Chair – From Anthropologies.

Vintage Typewritter – From  a selection at Etsy.

Crosely Manchester Stand – From Urban Outfitters.

Kennedy Arm Chair – From Thrive Furniture.

B&W Zig Zag Rug – From Urban Outfitters (also check these selected types of rugs).

Knitted Poufes – From Nordic House.

Turquoise Leather Club Armchair – From Anthropologies. Otherwise check this tufted leather recliner.

Hofdi Knitted Cushion – From Donna Wilson.

Vintage Rocket Lamp – From  a selection at Etsy


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