And here it is – the final weeks of the 52 project. I’m so pleased that I managed to complete it. We’ve already been looking over the photos from the last year, and it’s so so great to have them all. How the boys have changed. And what a year it’s been for us as a family. For 2015, I’m not going to follow a set photography project again. However, I do plan to take lots of photos of the children again, as well as more of us as a family, daily happenings, adventures and general scenes around the house – because it’s all the little moments that count, and they are what I will want to remember.


“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014″


Omi – 51/52 – i had to share these two christmas photos; the sad shepherd in his nativity and meeting santa.  


Orion –  51/52 – the confident kid at the local playgroups. a new experience for me as a mother!  


Omi – 52/52 – i promised him this was the last photo that i would ever ask him to pose for. probably a lie.   


Orion –  52/52 – blue eyes, blonde hair, pink lips. 


Jodi has started her 52 project again this year. You can follow along and take part, via her beautiful blog, Practicing Simplicity.

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