I’ve been sorting through my many many folders of photos on my laptop – so I thought a little photo dump was in order. I want to try and go back to my monthly happenings blogs, as they are, without a doubt, my personal favourite posts to look over when I’m in the mood for¬†reminiscing. Also, as I’m not going to commit to starting the 52 project this year, I really want to keep capturing the boys – as well as the every day stuff. I hardly have any photos of me and the children (as I’m always the one with the camera) – so I’m also aiming for at least one photo a month of all of us! There may be eye rolling from everyone in the family as we are all quite camera shy (except Omi who has developed the fabulous ability to pose un-promted by any expanse of plain wall) – but everybody loves looking back at photos, so I know the cringing and complaining will ultimately be worth it – even if we do produce the most awkward family photos along the way. Here are some moments from last December, until last week.



spiderman obsession / did someone mention awkward family photos? / apple & prune amaretto cake / allotment goodies / my best scary dolls / christmas tree hunting / i think we’ve started a new family tradition / me & ori doing a photo shoot for the ma books recipe share / apple & butternut squash tarte tatin / i love finding these little guys appearing all over the house / ori aka the bottomless pit / chicken ramen for the soul / tired dad arm.



  1. chelsea says:

    my aren’t you all a stunning family- and your photography is gorgeous, so happy to have found this space!!


    1. admin says:

      why thankyou – that’s so sweet! C xx

    2. admin says:

      also – your blog is beautiful! x

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