I really, really love celebrating birthdays with my family and friends. Omi and Owen’s birthdays fall just over a week apart, so we have always grouped them together to make a 10 day long birthday relay. Just as one cake is being finished off, it’s time to bake the next. We totally sugared out on Omi’s full fat – four tier – butter cream spiderman cake, so we toned it down and baked a sugar free rich dark chocolate and coffee mousse cake for Owen. I normally miss out on capturing significant family events, like birthdays and christmas, as I’m too busy being ‘in it’ to stand back and snap away. But I’ve been making a conscious effort to record these special moments. I’m so happy to have some photos to share of the oldest boys’ birthday celebrations this year.



*I wanted to write more about Omi, and just how much I love him, and how much he is changing and growing and becoming the loveliest little person I’ve ever known.  I find it so hard to express it all here and there are so many feelings that come with having my baby turn three years old. I’m overwhelmed by Omi every day. He is bashful and funny, loyal and (often) patient,  a challenging threenager at times don’t get me wrong – but most of all he is gentle and compassionate – by far my favourite qualities in our little three year old. We end every day the same way; holding each other’s faces in our hands, singing goodnight songs whilst we kiss cheeks….forgiving away any angry words or frustrations from the day gone. And at these moments, I wish I could stop time.*

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  1. Helen says:

    Looks like a lovely time was had by all :) I can’t believe Omi is three though! Well done on the delicious looking cakes.

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