We are really and truly ready for some Spring sunshine over here. It’s perhaps a little wait away yet, but the longer days and lighter mornings are certainly helping to shift our mood and look forward to the new season ahead. Personally I’m excited about long afternoons spent in the garden, potting plants and fresh herbs, preparing more raw foods and wearing fewer layers! For the time being, we have settled for turning the heating up – and wearing our summer clothes indoors.

Last year, I discovered Billie Blooms and made a little e-friendship with the founders of the company, Libi Molnar and Ashley Liemer. They started Billie Blooms in 2014, with the vision of creating high quality, environmentally and ethically conscious, unisex bloomers for babies and toddlers. Working in tandem between Brooklyn and Miami, Billie Blooms was born. The company has excelled in it’s first year; with features in vogue, babyccino kids, babekins magazine and martha stewart, but to name a few. My boys have a couple of pairs of bloomers each (worn with tights through the winter) – and they absolutely love the comfort and ease of wearing them. The fit of the bloomers accommodates cloth or disposable nappies perfectly, and although Omi is now three, he can still wear his 18-24 months (the top size) comfortably. In fact, the bloomers have really eased him into his potty training for boys, as he loves to wear his ‘special pants’ when he has his nappy-free time. I can’t rave about these bloomers enough and I hope you have time to look at the beautiful selection of mindfully chosen fabrics that they are made in here, the full story behind the business here and the $1 per pair of bloomers sold giveback to every mother counts.org here.

Ori (18 months) is wearing the Jourdan bloomers in 12-18 months and Omi (3) is wearing the Alex bloomers in 18-24 months.

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