Apologies for the lack of blog action of late. I blame it on the summer holidays. Despite being a whole year away from Omi starting full time school (maybe), we’ve still fallen well in line with the traditional summer-break mentality. Lots of slow mornings, double breakfasts, dilly dallying days away without really achieving much – and letting the boys watch far too much ninja turtles on youtube. I feel like we all need a break. And it feels good to let ourselves off the hook over these few weeks.


I’ve got lots of things lined up to post on here over the next week or so. There are some photos from Ori’s 2nd birthday, a blog about how to start using cloth nappies in a simple & straight forward way, some breakfast inspiration and also some ideas for what to do with a glut of courgettes (if any of you are harvesting your plants at the moment).


Come September, both the boys will be starting a playgroup for two mornings a week, as well as having a bit more structured childcare with my Mum & Step-Dad and my Dad & Step-Mum. I’m really excited, as this will be the first time ever since having the children, that I will be able to create a regular (part-time) working week. I’m hoping to strike a balance between seeing my holistic therapy clients and also putting time aside to hatch out some creative ideas that I’ve been working on (in my head!) for the last few months (years)!  I can’t wait to share them with you.


I hope you’re all having a great summer.


ps) I’ve been obsessing over this Pattie Boyd picture, featured here on Anna Cate’s blog & also again this week on Bleubird’s 10 things post. It reminded me a bit of this film shot I took of my good friend, Nadia in summer 2008.

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