I had to do a double take when I flipped my calendar over to October. Since the Summer I have been purging our wardrobes, cupboards and loft space to create a more simplified, clutter-free environment at home. It’s a constant job for sure – and it’s amazing how much stuff I have found to sell online or donate, even though we came back to England only 4 years ago, with pretty much nothing. Despite attempts to adhere to a more frugal and minimal lifestyle – my wandering eye can’t help spotting lovely pieces for our house… not to mention my wardrobe. Somebody hide my purse.



1/ eye mirror at urban outfitters  2/ nico nico jumpsuit 3/ deckchair print by pete gamlen + ‘they fall away’ painting by dani schafer 4/ nude label triangle bra 5/ mast brothers chocolate 6/ NOMA 7/ charcoal moon by bobo choses 8/ wool blanket by fine little day 9/ hand emulet necklace by kaye blegvad 10/ the t sweater by jamie & the jones

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