We’ve been slowly decorating our not-so new home over the last couple of years that we have lived here. It’s been a patchy process to say the least – with a few things hung here and there, a bit of tiling here and a new rug there – and so on. Recently I decided to tackle one room at a time, to really get each one decorated properly, so that our home started to feel a little more complete. I know that homes are ever evolving projects and ours will certainly change as the children grow and as our tastes change – yet I’d still like to feel that each room in the house has had a good bit of attention.


It’s always difficult to know where to start with a big decorating project like a new home. When we moved in two years ago, we painted every wall, oak skirting boards – Uk Oak Doors – and picture rail in white. I don’t regret that one bit – and although I hope to add colour to the walls eventually, it has given us a good clean start to creating a fresh space at home.


You may have read an old post here about coping with tiredness. I was not blessed with good sleeping babies unfortunately, and the last four years have been (at times) a difficult ride of sleep deprivation and exhaustion. Our bedroom situations have been mixed up from one week to the next; from co-sleeping, to having the boys in separate rooms, to them in a shared room, to us all in the same bed, to three beds in one room….and so on! The last month or so has seen a giant shift for us as a family, as the boys (now sharing a double bed in their own room) have begun to settle better and sleep through the night together . This major sleep breakthrough has been nothing short of life changing for me – not only am I sleeping better, I also have my bedroom back!


To celebrate these new victories in family sleep patterns, I decided to focus on making our adult bedroom fresh and new. I wanted to create a space for myself and Owen that felt serene, clutter-free and peaceful – exactly how I want my mind to feel after a busy day looking after the children. Now I have a little more control over the night time situation at home, I wanted to make getting a good night’s sleep a complete priority.



When planning my bedroom make-over, I pondered over the interior variables that would influence me sleeping well – and I figured that there were four things most important to me in aiding a good night’s sleep.



We had a bad mattress for so many years, and I couldn’t believe how much better I’ve slept since replacing it. We now have the Ikea Malvik memory foam mattress. It was in our price range and it’s been a dream to sleep on. Personally, I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to pillows. As long as my neck feels comfortable during the night and in the morning when I wake – I’m good with something simple like these softtouch ones, from John Lewis.



We have white wooden venetian blinds at all of our windows at home. I like how much we can control the light coming in, and I’ve always loved the aesthetic, both inside and outside of the house. However, I love a draped curtain for softness – and we interchange these between soft white voile panels to let extra light through on dark winter mornings, and dark grey linen curtains for keeping early hours summer light out.



I have made a concerted effort to get more things on my empty white walls at home! In our bedroom, I’ve tried to strike the balance between clean, yet curated and welcoming. I love the two mirrors we hung as they bounce so much light around the room. Our shelves home some of the few nik-naks that I cherish, mostly from our travels, and a couple of other much loved items, like my handmade dream catcher. Because we have wooden floors throughout most of the house, a cosy rug was a must for our room. I was so pleased to find this natural rag-roll one in Spain for ¢6!



This is my ‘last but not least’ choice in bedroom decorating must-haves. I am a very tactile person and so I love to climb in to a bed that is soft and inviting. We chose a pure linen duvet cover and pillowcases from H&M’s premium range – which is so snug and perfect for wrapping myself in after a long day. We recently bought the boys an organic cotton bedding set from Toast, an investment I certainly don’t regret. Their bed linen is so soft and luxurious, and they have never slept so well. I also love the 100% cotton range, available at Yorkshire Linen. After so many years of bad sleep, I can’t stress enough how important a decent set of bed linen is to me now, in aiding a peaceful night’s rest.





bed linen / brushed cotton sheet / linen cushion covers / mirrors / african milk bush cactus / chair / small wooden bench / copper basket / blanket / slippers / ring holders / natural fibre wall hanging / a year of mornings / fourth trimester magazine / trainers / bag / dream catcher / fathers journal / leather pouch / cup / shelves / print.


*This post is in partnership with Yorkshire Linen*

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