Life really does feel like it’s moving 1000 mph at the moment. But for the first time in a while, I’m glad to say that, despite the fast pace, we seem to be heading in the right direction. Owen has just started a new job as a Youth Theatre Director, and I couldn’t be happier that he’s found work that he’s not only great at, but allows him the flexibility to continue creating his own work and also to be available for the children at home. Striking the work / family / relationship balance is, I’m sure, a common theme in most households – and we’re certainly not the perfect example, although we are trying our best. The boys are enjoying their three mornings a week at playgroup, as well as some time with their Grandparents each week. And I’m finally able to work a little bit more and to catch a bit of breathing space for reflection and forward planning. The house continues to be a big focus for me – we enjoy our time here and I also work at home, so a lot of my energy goes into making this house a comfortable place to be. Life feels very present and in the moment. Maybe it’s because there isn’t much time to consider more than a few days ahead of ourselves. I think I’m getting used to this – I actually like it. Here are a few photos collected from the last month or so.





any combination of veg with eggs is my favourite lunch / this print! / nice things / chloe is the best / these kittens visit us most days and the boys are in love / life’s a beach / quite the kinfolk collection / omi / new kicks / my garden babies / the communal cloth for the winter snuffles that are doing the rounds / it took me weeks to catch up with post-holiday washing / the best breakfast of pear, ginger and cardamom porridge / this lady! / getting nostalgic whilst tidying away the boys baby shoes / colours / our bedroom is getting a renovation / lola / ori took a selfie / back when my trainers were white / the boys have the best room in the house.

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