I love Christmas shopping. But I like to get it finished at least two weeks before Christmas – so I can concentrate on actually getting excited about the festive season, rather than stressing about getting everything done on time. I do all of my shopping online, and have done since having the children. There are so many great shops, small business and artisans who sell online now, that it’s easier than ever to find unique gifts for your loved ones. When it comes to the children, we try to consider buying toys that they can enjoy and play with now – but that they also can hold on to for the future. I love the idea of keepsake presents for children and at Christmas I feel particularly sentimental about this kind of gift giving. Here are some of my favourite things for young children.



1/ ‘Here you are adored’ by LH Design

2/ Stickers! From Knot & Bow and Mogu Takahashi for Fine Little Day

3/ Bamboo Hoops from Ikea

4/ Safe Harbor Mittens by Misha & Puff

5/ Cookie cutters for Christmas holiday crafting

6/ Balance bike from Early Rider

7/ Maileg doll (from Archies Boutique)

8/ Paper Pets (from Studio NL) & Home, by Carson Ellis

9/ Sylvanian Families 

10/ Hay spinning top (from Studio NL) & Areaware Balancing Blocks (from Abacus Kids)

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