Some days, weeks or even months, I go through these explosive periods of inspiration, creativity and general buzzy headedness – considering all of the things that I love, that drive me, that influence me. It’s a great time, and I can’t wish it away – despite that it keeps me awake at night and tinges me with a slight sense of desperation to get going or to get something started. I tend to keep all of my ideas or current inspiration as notes on my phone, or as files on my laptop. Sometimes I print images or create a visual blog to act as a reminder for things that have come to the top level of my consciousness. Basically, there is always a lot in my head. So I’m going to start dumping it here, to share it with you! Because maybe, you might like some of it too.


1. After years of avoiding pizza and deeming it as a totally unhealthy food option, we’ve recently started putting it back on the menu at home. I’ve been using Sarah Britton’s spelt flour dough base, Oh Dear Drea’s easy no cook sauce, plenty of fresh basil and nutritional yeast. Pizza = healthy = fine by me.

2. Give me all the vegan freak shakes.

3. I’m listening to a lot of Laura Mvula at the moment. She recently hosted a brilliant programme exploring the musical roots of Nina Simone. Unfortunately it’s not available on iPlayer any longer – but you can watch her awesome radio one live lounge performance (and Tame Impala cover) here.

4. Owen has just finished his run of spoken-word theatre performances, with his show Wrong. You can watch some feedback and highlights here.

5. I’m noticing an increased amount of people taking instagram ‘breaks’ or confessing their lack of mojo for social media participation lately. I have felt similarly myself recently. I enjoyed reading Amanda Watter’s take on her more present path since quitting instagram.

6. My holiday reading.

7. Obsessed with Danish outerwear company, Rains. We just got Owen this jacket.

8. Loving Shantell Martin’s work.

9. Latest insta-crush. 

10. I may be running behind on this, but I have just discovered dirty chai masalas. This recipe though!

11. I’m looking for the perfect cool putty grey paint for our family room. Help!

12. I read that watching someone having a massage can release the same relaxing hormones as actually having a treatment yourself. I’ve been revising my pregnancy massage techniques by watching these videos – and have been feeling super chilled.

13. I found the perfect armchair.

14. I’d love to go to this Barbie exhibition.

15. My friend Rox is offering 20% of everything in store this bank holiday weekend, if you join Studio NL‘s mailing list.

16. I don’t know how I stumbled across these, but I found Warren Buffett’s quotes on investing and success really powerful!

17. BFGF are doing ceramics now. Right on.

18. Well done to our City Mayor for challenging Britain First’s unwelcome visit to Leicester.

19. The best of Airbnb in Britain.

20. I’m selling my car in the Summer and considering one of these.

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