Ah Man, I just have to get this blog out before the end of January! This month has been a bit of a write off for me, as I have battled with the flu virus for most of it. It’s left me feeling pretty debilitated at times – really low in energy and mood and just struggling along for the most part. The good news is I am starting to feel better this week, and I’m starting to get my sh*t back together after a temporary body and mind go-slow. Can I start the new year all over again? February (and 2017)* here we come! I personally believe in setting goals for the year ahead. It keeps me on track and focussed when there is always so much other stuff going on. Here are my goals / hopes / resolutions for 2017.



1] Focus on Food – Food is always pretty high on my agenda anyway, but I still feel like I could give myself that extra push when it comes to meal planning, market shopping and batch cooking. I’ve recently made the final leap into vegetarianism (verging on veganism) so I really want to swat up on my plant-based cooking and research more into the nutritional benefits of natural foods, for all of our family.

2] Get a Bike [and a trailer] – Over Christmas we went back down to a one car family after running two cars for the last couple of years. The extra car was no longer necessary as the boy’s school is so close to our house and I work from home, so we are saving money (and the planet) by just using one car now. I’m really hoping to get myself a decent bike this year. We have considered Bakfeit style cargo bikes versus good quality trailers for the children. I’m really excited to have a greener, healthier mode of transport for getting myself around.

3] Start a Creative Business – I have been umming and ahhing over starting a small creative business whilst I am still able to work around the children and their school timetable. It’s going to be 5-6 years before they will no longer need me to walk them and collect them from school, and it’s really tough trying to consider a career that will be flexible around family life. Self employment always seems like a viable option for creative parents who want to work, yet are set on spending as much time as possible with their children outside of school hours. I’d like to get a business plan drawn up so that I can work out what’s possible for me.

4] Take more Photos – I feel like I’ve really let my photography slip over the last year. I want to make a resolution to take more photos, even if they never make it to my instagram or blog. And I want to get back to my film camera too.

5] Build my Business – For the last five years I have kept my Holistic Therapies business gently ticking over. It’s been a great way to keep practising my skills, earn a little extra money and get a relaxing break from my (lovely) children. I feel like I need to give the business a little extra push this year. I’m considering some extra training, and investing more time into promotion.

6] Fruit Bowl – Sounds crazy but I really want to focus on our family fruit bowl! I want a huge bowl at the centre of our dining table, full with a variety of fresh fruits. The children need a lot of extra encouragement to eat their fruit, and as a family, we could all do with a healthy focus – literally at the centre of our living space.

7] Travel – I miss travelling. It’s just not been possible since we had the children to travel too far or for too long. But I continue to hope for some new trips soon. My current travel wishlist includes Gothenburg, Barcelona and Berlin.

8] Learn to make Sushi – I’ll need a good recipe for vegetarian sushi! But this needs to happen soon. The sushi cravings are coming.

9] Yoga – Always a resolution of mine. I started the new year practicing Adrienne’s online 31 day yoga challenge, and am sad to say I didn’t make it past day 10 before I was too ill to practice. However, those 10 days did remind me how much I love (and need) yoga in my life. I felt a real reconnection with myself, which I haven’t had for a long time. So, something to get back to this year for sure.

10] Finish The Artist’s Way – Last year I began working through Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’. A book aimed to assist in the rediscovery and recovery of your creative self. It is a demand on your time, especially with two young children, but I made a commitment to it for 9 of the 12 weeks outlined in the workbook. I really want to make some space to finish the book, and the work. I’m excited to see what comes from it.


* Owen had to point out to me that it was currently 2017, not 2018 as I had believed for the last 31 days.

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