In April, I have the honour of being one of my closest friend’s Bridesmaids. Well, THE Bridesmaid, actually. Eeep! I am very excited and a touch nervous (I have to walk down the aisle before her and I’m scared). Also I have to choose an outfit! I have been given free reign over my choice, which is great as I’d love to buy something that I can really enjoy wearing – and wear again! But as the time grows closer to the big day, I’m starting to feel a little panicked about what kind of outfit I really want. I’d like something comfortable and loose, something in natural fibres and preferably from an independent designer. I’m open to a dress, trousers or a jumpsuit, which is not helping to narrow down my search! So I’ve been doing what I always do when I have a fashion dilemma and I have been collecting images like mad. Here are some of my favourites.


1. Jumpsuit by Hackwith Design / 2. Top and Trousers by Elizabeth Suzann / Jumpsuit by Marina London / 4. Dress by Ace & Jig / 5. Dress by Whistles / 6. Dress by Black Crane / 7. Dress by Toast / 8. Dress by Rachel Craven / 9. Jumpsuit by Black Crane / 10. Dress by Black Crane / 11. Dress by Doen / 12. Dress by Elizabeth Suzann / 13. Dress by Black Crane / 14. Dress by Toast / 15. Dress by Black Crane


I’m leaning more towards a nude, cream or white outfit (Bride says I’m allowed!) which I’m thrilled about as I love so many of the neutral coloured dresses above. And I get to wear some colour popping shoes to go with. I love these, below.



1. Saga Clog by Nina Z / 2. Jardin Heels by Marais / 3. Tumeric Sandalia by Beatrice Valenzuela / 4. Heels by By Far Shoes / 5. Heels by MNZ / 6. Heels by By Far Shoes.


Please help me decide! Leave me a comment below with your favourites and any other ideas you have. C x


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