My Mum is currently in San Francisco, visiting my brother, his partner and their baby.  Not only am I totally envious of all the cuddles she is going to get with my niece, Emma – I’m also like, oh San Fran! What a city. I’d love to visit. I look at way too many American blogs and follow way too many American instagrammers to not have a huge American shopping wishlist already. There are s0 many great independent designers and stores out there, I’m already coveting so many items on my big American shopping wishlist.



1) Jamie & The Jones top / 2) Beatrice Valenzuela sandals / 3) Elizabeth Suzann trousers / 4) Wheel Ceramic incense teepee / 5) Kaye Blegvad ceramic ladies / 6) Max Wanger print / 7) Glossier highlighter / 8) Black Crane jumpsuit / 9) Jamie Street print / 10) Young Frankk earrings / 11) Avarca sandals / 12) Rami Kim lady sculpture.

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  1. Maria Agnes Sampol Sabater says:

    Beautiful sandals!

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