My Mum is currently in San Francisco, visiting my brother, his partner and their baby.  Not only am I totally envious of all the cuddles she is going to get with my niece, Emma – I’m also like, oh San Fran! What a city. I’d love to visit. I look at way too many American blogs and follow way too many American instagrammers to not have a huge American shopping wishlist already. There are s0 many great independent designers and stores out there, I’m already coveting so many items on my big American shopping wishlist.



1) Jamie & The Jones top / 2) Beatrice Valenzuela sandals / 3) Elizabeth Suzann trousers / 4) Wheel Ceramic incense teepee / 5) Kaye Blegvad ceramic ladies / 6) Max Wanger print / 7) Glossier highlighter / 8) Black Crane jumpsuit / 9) Jamie Street print / 10) Young Frankk earrings / 11) Avarca sandals / 12) Rami Kim lady sculpture.

I made a promise to myself at the start of the year that I would take more photos this year, including getting reacquainted with my film camera. I have had a very old Olympus OM2 for the last 8 years, and it travelled everywhere with me when we lived abroad. I captured some beautiful shots with it, despite it having a broken (and unfixable) light meter and that I work on a ‘one shot only’ rule when it comes to taking individual film photos. Lets just say it’s my lucky camera, which has served me and my limited technical knowledge well when it has come to using traditional photography methods. Unfortunately my beloved camera broke a few years back, at the same time that two local traditional camera shops closed down in our City. It was seeming harder than ever to keep up the beautiful traditions of film work. By some strike of luck or fate, I found a glitchy method to winding the film on and resetting it after each photo taken – so with a battery change and a dust off, my old camera was back to working again. Even developing film feels like some kind of secret underground mission these days. After calling several photo printing services around the UK, nobody could develop the particular black and white film I had shot as a test roll on my newly working (or was it?) camera. Finally my cousin Fraser  (avid film shooter) offered to send my film off to a guy with a dark room, who was able to provide us with negatives which Fraser scanned and sent back to me. Alas – my camera is back to working again, and I couldn’t be happier. Here are some of the test shots; from a local botanic garden (my happy place) and of my niece, Shyla.



Waffles for breakfast, loads of cuddles, a trip to the garden centre and cooking dinner for my Mum (with chocolate fondue) are my plans for this Mother’s day on Sunday. I can’t wait. This year I’m feeling completely ready to accept all the love and praise for my efforts as a Mamma. It’s bloody hard work some days, but it’s all good – everyday. Owen always asks me for a gift wishlist – so here it is honey!


1. The First Mess cookbook / 2. Babaa cardigan / 3. Jamie Street print / 4. Hasami mug / 5. Hay throw / 6. Broste rug / 7. Paloma Wool denim jacket / 8. And Other Stories boots / 9. Hay cushion / 10. Liha shea butter / 11. Young Frank earrings.

I’ve officially laid my paintbrushes down on Project Hallway. It’s nearly done – just a few more pictures to hang, a rug to pick and maybe another plant. I’m already thinking about our family room. It’s the biggest room in the house, being an open plan kitchen-dining room-lounge-playroom. It is lovely and light and spacious, yet is tricky to place furniture due to all the walls being alcoved with the chimney breasts. It’s the room where we spend all of our time as a family, and so is probably the most important room in the house to me. It needs to be comfortable and relaxing, to consider toy storage options and play space, as well as hosting (my favourite room), the kitchen. Currently it is completely white, with bamboo flooring and white subway tiles in the kitchen. All of which I actually love, and plan to keep. The renovation in purely decorative, and will need to incorporate a large family sized sofa (currently all squeezing on a 3 seater!), a comfortable arm chair (for guitar practice), some new soft furnishings, and some wall art (my decision making nemesis). It’s fair to say my tastes have changed a little bit since my last living room lookbook. I’m currently drawn to neutral colours, natural fibres, wood and black accessories. Here’s what I’ve put together to guide me and keep me on track.



1) Squishy corner sofa, from Loaf

2 + 3) Rugs, from Kvart Interior

4) Wall lamp, from Kvart Interior

5) Setting plaster paint, by Farrow & Ball

6) Fine Little Day print

7) Bone table, from West Elm

8) Nude cushions, from Kvart Interior

9) Cotton throw, from Toast

10) Hook, by Hay Design

11) Mini teepee basket, by Olli Ella

12) Abrazo chair by Ceuro Design.

Owen asked me to compile my Christmas wishlist so that he could have a few ideas for gifts. He’s going to wish he hadn’t when he sees my luxury present dreams! Here are some of my current favourite things.



1) New books! Laura’s long awaited (and still waiting) pre-order for March cookery book, The First Mess and Nayyirah Waheed’s poetry book, Salt.

2) Uniqlo have some lovely and affordable merino blend jumpers.

3) Still lusting after my very own piece of Babaa knitwear.

4) Jamie and The Jones have released their T-sweater in black. Yes please!

5) New colours at The Nude Label!

6) Gucci Brixton Loafer.

7) Aesop’s violet leaf hair balm.

8) I really want a Costco card so I can stop asking my good friend Amy (with card) to pick up all my health food bits, bless her.

9) Kitchenaid have a great new Pro series of blenders.

10) The Tina boot from Doc Martens.

Project hallway is on! It’s been a bugbear of mine ever since we moved into the house over three years ago. The anaglypta paper, chipped banister and awful carpet had to go – and although we replaced the flooring with beautiful tiles just before we moved in, our hallway still needed a lot of TLC. Money and time being my usual barriers, I wanted to keep the entrance simple, light and welcoming. I’ve been looking for inspiration along the way, and wanted to share some of it here. I find grouping images together helps to keep me on track when I’m trying to put something together. I’m loving the pale pink walls, monochrome lampshades, natural wood and the pop of folliage! I’ll let you know when it’s all done!


My birthday is coming up at the end of the month! I always get asked what I’d like, and the answer is always the same – clothes please. Especially with the cold weather creeping in, I just want to be warm and cosy.  All the knits, long coats and scarves please. And some new vegetarian cookbooks to dive into.



1) H&M’s premium range / 2) Monki dungarees / 3) Zara jacket / 4) Fine Little Day Blanket / 5) Acne Studios scarf / 6) APC bag / 7) Mac lippie / 8) H&M cashmere hat / 9) My New Root’s newest book & 10) Nutrition Stripped cookbook.

I can’t say that I am! Or even school-ready in general. But that’s another blog post entirely! Tomorrow is Omi’s first day at school and in a bid to distract myself from the emotional implications, I am choosing to focus on the more pleasing aesthetics of wishfully becoming the ideal school-run Mum.



best rains mac + waterproof bag / bike of dreams / on the way to school breakfast top-ups / my fave MAC primer + studio fix super fast mum make-up / fancy bobo kids umbrellas / hunter mum wellies / quickest morning coffee.

Lately I’ve become so in awe of all the gorgeous hand crafted ceramics that I keep seeing online. It’s such a beautiful skill to have mastered, to create pieces that are not only objet d’art, but functional items too. I’m looking for local pottery and ceramics classes as I’m keen to get some hands on creative time. But for now, check out these clever ceramicists.



Annemieke Boots Ceramics / Elin Lannsjö / Ivy Weinglass / Daisy Cooper / Kaye Blegvad.