I am enjoying earrings a lot at the moment. My style is pretty simple and comfortable, so I’m always looking for ways to snazz it up a bit. A good pair of earrings are a great way to dress up day to day outfits, and add something extra for an evening occasion. There are some great independent jewellery designers coming through at the moment – here are some of my favourites.




Young Frankk / Still With You Copenhagen / Plan C /Giant Lion / Cos Stores / PlumoMango / Finery London / Natalie Joy /Holly Ryan

My Mum is currently in San Francisco, visiting my brother, his partner and their baby.  Not only am I totally envious of all the cuddles she is going to get with my niece, Emma – I’m also like, oh San Fran! What a city. I’d love to visit. I look at way too many American blogs and follow way too many American instagrammers to not have a huge American shopping wishlist already. There are s0 many great independent designers and stores out there, I’m already coveting so many items on my big American shopping wishlist.



1) Jamie & The Jones top / 2) Beatrice Valenzuela sandals / 3) Elizabeth Suzann trousers / 4) Wheel Ceramic incense teepee / 5) Kaye Blegvad ceramic ladies / 6) Max Wanger print / 7) Glossier highlighter / 8) Black Crane jumpsuit / 9) Jamie Street print / 10) Young Frankk earrings / 11) Avarca sandals / 12) Rami Kim lady sculpture.

Like most of you, I am loving the longer, lighter days and the (slightly) warmer weather! However it is prompting a minor wardrobe crisis for me as I appear to have very few items for this inbetween major seasons bit. I’m mostly missing things like long sleeve t-shirts, shirts, blouses, and fine knit jumpers. Good quality basics that I can throw on with a pair of jeans, or smarten up with a nice pair of black trousers – that kind of thing. After browsing online for the last couple of weeks, I decided that Uniqlo had by far the best selection of simple, classic pieces, perfect for Spring time. And within a reasonable budget. I’ve picked a few of my favourite pieces, that would definitely sort out the gap in my current wardrobe.



All found at Uniqlo online.


What are your go-to pieces for Spring?

Waffles for breakfast, loads of cuddles, a trip to the garden centre and cooking dinner for my Mum (with chocolate fondue) are my plans for this Mother’s day on Sunday. I can’t wait. This year I’m feeling completely ready to accept all the love and praise for my efforts as a Mamma. It’s bloody hard work some days, but it’s all good – everyday. Owen always asks me for a gift wishlist – so here it is honey!


1. The First Mess cookbook / 2. Babaa cardigan / 3. Jamie Street print / 4. Hasami mug / 5. Hay throw / 6. Broste rug / 7. Paloma Wool denim jacket / 8. And Other Stories boots / 9. Hay cushion / 10. Liha shea butter / 11. Young Frank earrings.

In April, I have the honour of being one of my closest friend’s Bridesmaids. Well, THE Bridesmaid, actually. Eeep! I am very excited and a touch nervous (I have to walk down the aisle before her and I’m scared). Also I have to choose an outfit! I have been given free reign over my choice, which is great as I’d love to buy something that I can really enjoy wearing – and wear again! But as the time grows closer to the big day, I’m starting to feel a little panicked about what kind of outfit I really want. I’d like something comfortable and loose, something in natural fibres and preferably from an independent designer. I’m open to a dress, trousers or a jumpsuit, which is not helping to narrow down my search! So I’ve been doing what I always do when I have a fashion dilemma and I have been collecting images like mad. Here are some of my favourites.


1. Jumpsuit by Hackwith Design / 2. Top and Trousers by Elizabeth Suzann / Jumpsuit by Marina London / 4. Dress by Ace & Jig / 5. Dress by Whistles / 6. Dress by Black Crane / 7. Dress by Toast / 8. Dress by Rachel Craven / 9. Jumpsuit by Black Crane / 10. Dress by Black Crane / 11. Dress by Doen / 12. Dress by Elizabeth Suzann / 13. Dress by Black Crane / 14. Dress by Toast / 15. Dress by Black Crane


I’m leaning more towards a nude, cream or white outfit (Bride says I’m allowed!) which I’m thrilled about as I love so many of the neutral coloured dresses above. And I get to wear some colour popping shoes to go with. I love these, below.



1. Saga Clog by Nina Z / 2. Jardin Heels by Marais / 3. Tumeric Sandalia by Beatrice Valenzuela / 4. Heels by By Far Shoes / 5. Heels by MNZ / 6. Heels by By Far Shoes.


Please help me decide! Leave me a comment below with your favourites and any other ideas you have. C x


Owen asked me to compile my Christmas wishlist so that he could have a few ideas for gifts. He’s going to wish he hadn’t when he sees my luxury present dreams! Here are some of my current favourite things.



1) New books! Laura’s long awaited (and still waiting) pre-order for March cookery book, The First Mess and Nayyirah Waheed’s poetry book, Salt.

2) Uniqlo have some lovely and affordable merino blend jumpers.

3) Still lusting after my very own piece of Babaa knitwear.

4) Jamie and The Jones have released their T-sweater in black. Yes please!

5) New colours at The Nude Label!

6) Gucci Brixton Loafer.

7) Aesop’s violet leaf hair balm.

8) I really want a Costco card so I can stop asking my good friend Amy (with card) to pick up all my health food bits, bless her.

9) Kitchenaid have a great new Pro series of blenders.

10) The Tina boot from Doc Martens.

My birthday is coming up at the end of the month! I always get asked what I’d like, and the answer is always the same – clothes please. Especially with the cold weather creeping in, I just want to be warm and cosy.  All the knits, long coats and scarves please. And some new vegetarian cookbooks to dive into.



1) H&M’s premium range / 2) Monki dungarees / 3) Zara jacket / 4) Fine Little Day Blanket / 5) Acne Studios scarf / 6) APC bag / 7) Mac lippie / 8) H&M cashmere hat / 9) My New Root’s newest book & 10) Nutrition Stripped cookbook.

Really, really loving everything Cos has to offer at the moment. Black, white, cream, grey and camel are just the perfect go-to colours for a simple winter wardrobe. Not to mention their forrest green, maroon and navy additions. I had to compile my favourites.



All to be found at Cos.

I can’t say that I am! Or even school-ready in general. But that’s another blog post entirely! Tomorrow is Omi’s first day at school and in a bid to distract myself from the emotional implications, I am choosing to focus on the more pleasing aesthetics of wishfully becoming the ideal school-run Mum.



best rains mac + waterproof bag / bike of dreams / on the way to school breakfast top-ups / my fave MAC primer + studio fix super fast mum make-up / fancy bobo kids umbrellas / hunter mum wellies / quickest morning coffee.