I’m still getting round to uploading my travel photos, place by place. Here are some images taken in India, January 2011. We were travelling around Udaipur, staying in hostels and at one point, with a family on a farm. The colours, the food, the smells – I really have such a love for India.



You can check our the rest of my travel photos, here.

I’ve given up trying to keep these retrospective travel photos down to 10 per post (sorry!). So, we’re nearly done. Here we are in Bali, February 2011. The last trip away from Cambodia, before we flew home to the UK. The Eat, Pray, Love film had not long been released, so Bali was full of Liz Gilbert / Julia Roberts soul seekers – and we joined in the hunt. After just about nailing South East Asian customs and traditions, we felt a little out of our depth getting to grips with Balinese culture in the short time we were there. But it was a beautiful place, and a time that will stay close to my heart as our last break before starting a family.



light bulb moment / offerings / swan boats / green / sweet shell message / free as a bird / water lilies / top notch decor / spoilt for choice on the scary masks / little monkey friend / forrest / mirrors / race.

I’m desperate to get all my old travel photos up here – it makes me happy to share them and remember the beautiful sights, that somehow, looking back, seem even more beautiful when teamed with the good memories I have. After over a year working and travelling in Cambodia in 2010 – I booked a trip to adventure around North India. Maybe it’s because I’m lucky enough to have grown up in a very multi-cultural city, India has always felt very close to my heart. Having only been to Goa at this point, I was so excited to see more. We travelled to Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur and Varanasi. I’ve had to split these photos in to three sections. Here is the first.



street art in varanasi / washing drying by the river / children / narrow streets in varanasi / a deer park close to where Buddha delivered his first ever sermon / washing in the sacred ganges / roof dog in jaipur / street sale electricals / boys coming home from school in delhi / street food / a lovely family shared their delicious food with us on a long train journey.


All photos were taken with my Olympus OM2 35mm camera – sadly now broken and in need of repair!

I can’t tell you how much I love looking over my photos of our adventures. It’s time for the next installment. If you are catching up; myself and Owen moved to Cambodia over 5 years ago – with no solid plans other than to travel, live and potentially settle somewhere new. Owen left 5 months ahead of me, with a one -way ticket to Phnom Penh. He stayed with friends from home that had settled there years before and found a job lecturing art & design at an international university. In that time, I travelled to South India with friends, rented my house out, tied up my holistic therapies business – and finally bought my own one-way ticket out to join him. I used my savings to travel around Cambodia alone, and with new friends. I went back to India for 6 weeks to take a course in traditional Ayurvedic treatments & Yoga, and also to Thailand to study traditional Thai massage. Here are the next 10 photos of our time in Cambodia.




1/ my beautiful friend nadia travelled all the way out to see us. 2/ sleeping dog photo opportunities were everywhere. 3/ work – sleep – work – sleep. 4/ nadia + owen. 5/trying to navigate bowling in khmer. 6/ owen. 7/ raksmai. 8/ nervous hands in the hair salon. 9/ angkor wat. 10/ my mum came too.

We had such a lovely time during our 10 days in spain. We flew in to malaga, and drove just over an hour along the south cost towards almeria. My dad and his wife own a gorgeous traditional house, in a small village – just a short drive away from the coast, headed up into the hills. It was great to stay somewhere so pretty and authentic. The holiday lead a steady pace; with trips to the beach, many coffees (des caffenato for me) and a general theme of feeding stray cats wherever we went! The boys are obsessed with cats at the moment, and were thrilled to find three newborn kittens living outside our favourite restaurant. Needless to say, we visited every day – sometimes twice. The weather was perfect, not too hot, and cool at night – we had to remind ourselves that it was coming towards the end of october. I’ve always loved travelling to spain, and we often holidayed to the south coast as children. I’ve always held an affinity for the place – and would love to explore some of the bigger spanish cities with owen and the boys. This was my first trip abroad since having the children, and a much welcome change of scenery for me. I love the white washed walls and houses, the villages dotted over the mountains and the muted grey tones accented with bright flowers and giant cacti. I rarely took my camera out with me, but I did try to capture some of the lush greenery and traditional patterns. There are more photos of our time away over on my instagram.



omi / lush garden / the village below / boats / cacti / my favourite colours / three beautiful kittens / traditional features / fresh lemons / waking up to this / garden tiles / succulent heaven / the view from our casa / can you believe i got chilblains?! / fresh almonds drying in the sun / balcony tiles / pink contrast / patterns in grey /ori

I had a lovely reminisce over these pictures; the next few photos of our journey living and travelling in South East Asia. Here are 1o photos of our Cambodian adventures. Previous travel posts can be found here.




1/ a monkey hanging out at a rural temple just outside of Phnom Penh. 2/ owen found this kitten washed away from his mother in a monsoon storm. we brought him home and named him beano. he was the most amazing cat ever – and we were heartbroken having him adopted by a friend before we left for home. 3/my closest friends whilst living away – jim, mailynn & genny. 4/ triangles. 5/ the most amazing down pours. 6/ southern beach holiday. 7/ a weeekend break with my love. 8/ owen shaking hands with a blind monkey at the zoo. 9/ the best kids. 10/ elephant love!


I’m really missing the incredible sights and inspiration that surrounded us during our time away. We’ve been discussing living abroad again and how we might make it work for our family. I’m determined to travel with the children. If you feel the same – you will love Courtney Adamo’s instagram (here) – you can follow along her year-long break travelling with the world with her husband and four children.

I feel like it’s been a while since I posted some photos (that aren’t food). After chatting to my photographer friend earlier this week, I’ve been thinking more about getting to grips with my film camera again. We discussed the pros and cons – the cost of processing & the unpredictable results against the grainy beauty of film images & that lovely anticipation that comes with the wait for your film to develop. I definitely enjoyed using film more when I lived or travelled abroad. My eye was constantly greeted with ‘must capture’ images and the temptation to snap was forever heightened. Let’s just say life in Leicester just isn’t quite the same. But that’s OK – and I really do need to get my camera out more often. For now, I’ve been reminiscing again. I’m so pleased to have captured our time away like this, and I’m keen to continue the story here on mammina. So, here is the next instalment of 10 photos. If you want to catch up on the previous travel photography posts, you can here.


1/ naps anytime anywhere. 2/ shopping was an absolute nightmare. 3/ a picture in my favourite café (they did the best toasted coconut museli.) 4/ the sweetest mini bananas. 5/ serenity. 6/ bong. 7/ a weekend away. 8/ rainy. 9/ CD face. 10/ temple cat.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a couple of picture posts recently, reminsing of our time spent living in Cambodia. When I look back over our travelling photos, it’s hard to believe that that was our life for a short time. We saw incredible things every day. Here is a further selection of the next part of our journey. You can catch up with old posts, here.



1 / I got a job as a photography assistant. This was the daughter of a client, trying her hand at a spot of modelling whilst we got set up.

2/ Our balcony. Crazy shorts. Owen’s favourite photo of himself.

3/ I thought so.

4/ My best friend out there, Jim.

5/ This girl.

6/ A trip to rabbit island.

7/ The height of Khmer fashion. Seriously.

8/ We got so lost exploring an island. We got rescued by some very lovely locals.

9/ My friend Nadia came to stay. Best ever.

10/ Children everywhere. Always wanting their photo taken. Always disappointed that my film camera wouldn’t show them their picture straight afterwards.

I’ve spent the last few weeks compiling all of our travel photos into gorgeous photo books, on Artifact Uprising’s website. I’m yet to have them printed and sent over as I’m terrible at making decisions and am still messing around with page layouts and finalising front cover photos. But I can’t wait to have them here in the flesh. It’s been a lovely experience going over all of the photos that I took along the way. While I was away on my first solo trip to India, our flat in Cambodia was burgled whilst Owen was asleep and my digital camera was stolen. Well, we thought it was stolen – but it actually turned up when we were packing to leave! However, thinking it was gone, I resorted to my old olympus OM2 50mm and a borrowed point and shoot 35mm film camera for image capturing for the duration of our time abroad. I’m so pleased that I did, as I look over the film photography with such love for each image. The collection of photos maps out our complete journey, capturing the jumps from Cambodia, to India, to Cambodia, to Thailand, to Cambodia, to India again, back to Cambodia, on to Bali, back to Cambodia and finally home to the UK to start our family. I hope you enjoy this 10 pictures series, which documents these movements.


Below are 10 pictures from my trip to Thailand in November 2010. The trip started with my good friends, Jim and Mailynn. We flew from Phnom Penh to Bangkok, where Mailynn’s Mum was living and working. I had been to Bangkok before and hated it, but this time, with an expert tour guide and a some very cool visits to very cool places, I fell in love with the city. We then took the night train up north to Chiang Mai, where we stayed together for a few days before J +M travelled back to Cambodia for work. I had booked myself on to a two week Thai massage course with Namo, and so I stayed by myself, training during the day and exploring the city every evening and at weekends. Here are my favourite photos of the trip.



1. Mailynn in BKK / 2. J+M in a gallery bar somewhere I just can’t remember / 3. Chatuchak market in BKK have crazy photos of people that got caught stealing / 4. Her name was Tai, a rare female tuk tuk driver / 5. Couldn’t resist one of this little guy / 6. Bit of a long story … but when I was along in Chiang Mai I was reading a lot about the power of thought and so I tested the waters by asking the universe to present me with some way of keeping me occupied for my first weekend alone. Lo and behold, I sat eating my mango and sticky rice breakfast in this awesome local cafe and this lady asked if she could join me. Her name was Ingrid. She was 68 years old, from Germany, travelling alone across Thailand. We hung out for the duration of my time there / 7. A hot dog / 8. Some things just catch my eye / 9. My legs in my hotel mirror / 10. My beautiful massage tutors who took me out to lunch at their local dining place, every day.